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Getting Ahead Of God

Dr. Charles Stanley on the In Touch Ministries broadcast

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prayer request

8 year old boy needs prayer

September 20, 2018

Thank you Sarah and God bless...

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8 year old boy needs prayer

September 20, 2018

Father, thank You for saving this boy's life. Please continue to heal ...

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8 year old boy needs prayer

September 18, 2018

Please pray for an 8 year old in Mississippi who had an accident on hi...

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blog post

Global Warming

Oct Sat 20 2018 - vanessahudson

The global warming is the increase in the

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Recipe of the Week

Oct Sat 13 2018 - wolvienne

2018-10-14 02:33:16 Bacon Cheese Dip  

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598 NERD.

Oct Sat 13 2018 - stephen0porter

Luke 2:52 And Jesus increased in wisdom and

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Turkish Reaction: We Won’t Allow “Cover-Up” in Saudi Killing


Turkey will “never allow a cover-up” of the

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Heroic Muslim Man Risks His Life to Save Ancient Christian Texts from ISIS Destruction


One of the most devastating aspects of the

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Three Ways You Are Just Like The Apostle Peter


Peter is every single one of us.

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praizeop2's blog


It has only been a month since I last tried to use this program.  It seems one is not allowed to go so long without using any particular set of fonts.  I come in a month and the whole thing has changed.  I am...

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