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Miracle Map Pt 2

Kerry Shook from The Woodlands in Texas

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prayer request

A New Idea!

February 19, 2018

Last Sunday at church, Pastor suggested that we need to start praying ...

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Terror Attack in New York...

December 9, 2017

My prayers have been with them since the event took place. Like you, I...

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Possible surgery

December 9, 2017

My prayers are with you. Just never forget that God gas everything und...

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blog post

Knowing the Word.

Mar Thu 22 2018 - ChristnMenow

Knowing the Word is for our benefit and reaches

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Holy Scriptures From Heaven

Mar Thu 22 2018 - gloriousdays

 God (Jesus) has not given to us (saints)

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Online Assignment Writing Service by Perfect Writer UK

Mar Wed 21 2018 - michaelmishelle2

Getting help with university and college

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24 Vietnamese Christians Attacked, Forced to Renounce Christ


The incident happened in the north-western

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Christian Teacher Dismissed for Saying 'God Loves You' to Lesbian Student


A UK Employment Tribunal has dismissed the

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Our World Changes...

Here we are, March 2018, honoring Billy Graham in his death.  Precious man!  He now lives in glory with those he loves!  Oh, how happy He must be!  I can only imagine! I’m looking at his life on TV....

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