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I am very sad but still strong!

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I am very sad but still strong!

Today morning, I have been robbed very early and I lost my laptop, my external removal disk and my removal USB key. Inside the laptop there are all the mark sheets of my pupils and I am still wondering what i must do. The third and last term exam is to be in two weeks and today was the last day for all pupils.

All my job (the Youtube videos, the files and all the job I did and saved from internet are inside). I don't know what i must for now and even for next school year.

I cannot work without a computer. I have some paper I did not give back to my pupils. I am afraid of not giving right marks to my pupils. I also have been running a letters exchange between my pupils and other pupils from overseas. All the saved job is inside. If the robber(s) could bring me back all my materials or devices I would be very glad. I know Yahweh my Lord God is able of every kind of miracle and I strongly believe that everything is possible to Him.

The robber(s) came home under rain. The lock of my door does not close anymore so I hold it slightly closed thanks to a lace. However, it closes from the outside. I got up around 2am to go to the bathroom then I went back to the house and I stayed awake until around 3am to 4am. I plugged my laptop and it was when I woke that I noticed the damage. Certainly, the wind of the rain had opened the door.
I am very upset and very sad.

Please I really need your prayers and advice.

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